Weekend's over !

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I had a plan of attack laid out for this weekend to be oh so productive .. HA !

The plan was to get up Thursday morning pull out the tree and start decorating, from there move upstairs and start painting Christmas gifts, clean house and mix cookie doughs to put in the freezer I had 4 days to get this done no problem .. ha ha ha ..
Wednesday night I dreamed about pink Christmas lights .. lol
So Thursday morning I decided I have to have pink lights to mix in with my clear lights so no need to pull that tree out just yet, so upstairs I go ...

Wow it's a mess up here there is no way I can feel creative in this mess so I start cleaning, now it's time to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner with the in laws. Get home from dinner, not feeling creative just feeling really full so I piled up on the couch with hubby and a blanket to watch some tv with big plans for friday going through in my head ....

Friday morning I walked outside at 7:30 just to water a few plants next thing I know hubby is home from work and it's time to find food ... This planning crap isn't working .. lol

Saturday morning we headed to town I can't believe hubby hung in there with me I hit every store that I thought would carry lights but no pink lights, found purple but no pink
ok... I give up ..
We go home pull out the tree and oh #%&* I forgot I trashed all the lights last year.
I found a few boxes of lights that I must have bought after Christmas last year so I get started 500 lights later I'm out of lights and still have more than half a tree to go ??

Sunday ~ the in laws went to town and picked up 400 more .. 900 lights..
plenty.. right ... opps .. I ran out again... LOL
In between playing with the tree I did work on decorating the rest of the house and painting base coats on the gifts. Now here it is Monday and I have finished NOTHING !!!
Never even thought about the cookie doughs again.
Still thinking about those pink lights though but guess it will have to wait till next year. I stopped at a few more stores this afternoon with no luck : (picked up 350 more clear lights hope it's enough ...lol

Have a lovely evening ya'll


  1. Isn't it amazing how you run out of time and still have tons left to do? That's the story of my life. You got more accomplished than I did, though!

  2. You made me laugh with your tale of plans gone askew. Well, you have a start on some of your projects. If those pink lights don't haunt your imagination, perhaps you'll be checking a project or two off.

  3. I love you Cherry, you make it so very real! LOL

  4. Tell more in a post about your tree mural.


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