and how was your weekend ?

Ours was wonderful !

Banana nut muffins, a new tea from Beth, blood oranges (wait that's not a blood orange ) oh look Bethany that gal fooled us it looks and taste like a mini pink grapefruit .. good thing I like pink grapefruits.
Pretty new gloves and this great new bug book from my gal friend Lynn. This book is wonderful !
GOOD BUG BAD BUG by Jessica Walliser
my copy is even signed. Talk about feeling special. It has lots of great info, if you're looking for a Christmas gift for a gardening friend add this book to your list and the gloves, we all love the gloves.

Saturday morning started at 5:30 with me wanting some banana nut muffins so I started whipping them up only to realize I was missing a few ingredients. I couldn't find the baking soda & had no buttermilk, knowing there is baking soda in this house I start an all out search and find it in the bathroom.. hummmm do I use it.. well yes... I needed my muffins.
I used Soy milk for the buttermilk and it was after they started baking that I remembered the walnuts so I ended up with flat banana muffins that tasted like a cupcake...
Great! cupcakes & and mini pink grapefruit for breakfast not what I had in mind.. lol The new tea though is wonderful it is from The Mate' factor Thank you girlfriend .. Miss Beth has a brand new grand girl this morning she is Addison Marie she weighs less than 5 pounds. She decide she wanted to come into this world a little early so keeping her in our prayers, can't wait to meet the little princess..

I finally got everything planted from my trip to Rahn's with Miss Lois but then Beth and I went up again and came home with another load of goodies .. Now if the rain will just hold off so I can get out there and play this morning .. Oh and how about those pretty mailboxes this is the second time in about 6 weeks that our boxes have been smashed ... guess you can say we got tricked !! and then that horrible Georgia ~ Florida game .. damn Gators !!!
Isn't this Ajuga gorgeous it is BLACK SCALLOP I have avoided ajuga's for many years because they can take over a bed pretty quick but this one I had to have I planted them in a front bed and look forward to seeing it grown and spread in hopes this time next year the bed is covered.
And yes even though the Dawg's got whipped, the muffins where flat, the mailboxes were smashed and the new gloves now look like they are years old it was a wonderful weekend!!
Hope yours was too...

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  1. You dream of muffins and I'm need to make another batch of lavender scones! I made two chocolate chess pies for a neighborhood Halloween party.

    I love that Ajuga, too! I finally planted a few this year. I had left-overs from the plants that I took to sell to raise money for the greyhound rescue. Mine is yellow and the name escapes me at the moment. So far, they seem pretty well-behaved. I planted them underneath shrubs and trees.


  2. Now what happened to that mailbox? Mischief makers? Darn. Glad you got everything planted. And yes, that ajuga is wonderful.

  3. The ajuga is beautiful -- what a striking fall color! And your breakfast looks pretty darned good to me. :)

    I spent part of the weekend trying to identify a mystery critter that has taken up residence in my aunt's (empty) house, but that's one for another post. ;)

  4. That is a gorgeous color Ajuga! I love them as a groundcover, they really block out the weeds & will grown in areas where somethings won't survive.

  5. I love that Black Scallop ajuga! Can't wait to see it next summer after it spreads.

  6. That is a lovely Ajuga - such a great colour.


  8. ROFL! The things that go on around your place sound just like what happens around mine, although I have to say that my mailbox never looked quite as bad as yours. LOL. I finally replaced mine with one of those heavy duty steel ones from HD. This year, no one bashed it in. I guess they can spot that type before they take a crack at it. LOL. It's too bad that you missed out on the orange cranberry chutney. It sounds delicious.

  9. Hi Cherry,
    Thanks for leaving me a comment on blotanical. I enjoyed scrolling down your blog. I'm sorry about your mailbox, but I'm sure all those lovely flowers brought you consolation. I bought the good/bad book about bugs this summer, but didn't end up using it a lot. Hopefully, I'll read it this winter, and remember some of them.


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