Daufuskie part 4 ~ native Magnolia trees

Look at this ancient live oak it is spectacular
This was the home place of Moses Ficklin a deacon of the First Union African Baptist Church and the Gullah undertaker along with his wife Grace who was the island's midwife.
 It has been completely restore and is now a private resident.

This is the carriage that was used as the hearse 

old pottery and everyday household items can be seen at the Billie Burn Museum

I loved seeing this letter dated August of 1945 the return address is Desoto Beach Hotel
Savannah Beach, Georgia which is now called Tybee island, Georgia and the Desoto is still there

These are some of the things John has found, they are reworking some of the drainage ditches and he says that there is all types of things just laying around. The shell was used as a tool / weapon and the old pot is from the Marine-Hospital Service which took care of sick seamen..
 you can read more about that here.

John also show us a native Magnolia tree that could be one of the biggest in South Carolina we had to go a little way's through his property into the woods to find it.

and it was well worth the walk .. These pictures really don't show how wide the base of this tree really is.

This one kinda gives you an idea... That is our guide John who ain't no shorty but he sure looks like one up side this monster.

do you see what Beth and I see? This was to the back of the tree which I didn't see till Beth shared her pictures and the first thing I saw was an old man's face..lol Beth and her husband had already said the same thing .. What do you think .. I think he is the protector of all those that come to visit...

and how about the toes on this guy..
Have a wonderful weekend everyone Beth and I are off on our next adventure it's
 Peaches to Beaches weekend over 200 miles of junking
 and we are going to do our best to hit them all..
see ya'll next week and yes there is still more to share of Daufuskie
hugs, Cherry


  1. As soon as I scrolled down to that picture I thought now that looks like Treebeard or an old crone. LOL! How huge those magnolias are. I have loved your tours of the island and the history. Fascinating Cherry.

  2. Your series on this trip includes so many interesting facts and photos!


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