Help, Help, I'm so lost !!

I'm I the only girl in the world that can't make up her mind on paint colors ? We have finally laid the new flooring in the hall, kitchen & living area and now things are at a complete stand still because I can not make up my mind on paint colors. Originally I wanted a pinky beige in the living room and hallway with a soft beachy sky blue in the kitchen, but now that the floors are in nothing seems to be working. For 3 weeks I have been testing paint colors even trying blues and browns in the living room and I'm stumped .. So if any one has suggestions I would love to hear them.

concrete floors after I removed the tile

new floors ~ The cabinets are pine as is the china hutch, the table is a dark oak, appliances black & stainless with creamy white on bead board back splash and bottom of island .. All whatnots and pictures are being removed to start fresh going for a coastal beachy cottage theme here.

before ~ I have hated this butter yellow since the day it was painted . The couch and mauve recliner are gone and the green recliner is going to be recovered.

The big screen tv is going and a wall unit is being built that is going to be stained a dark oak. There is new dark bamboo shades on the windows. The rods are going to be a dark bamboo with linen colored drapes. I haven't picked out the new couch or other furniture yet so any thing goes here.

This wall is Cedar .. so we are working with pine, ceder, and dark oak. There is a lot of wood going on in here but it is a really sunny room I'm open to any colors at this point .. I'm just about to paint it all a builders tan and forget it .. help !!!!

and this dang cat is for sale, heck I'll give him away .. I can't get the lazy bum to help with anything !

Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. hi cherry! been there and still there! can't always make up my mind, painting is a huge thing! hope you find the color that will make you happy. have a great day. i am your follower too. verbena cottage

  2. Your home is so pretty. Making decisions like this is not easy...pick out one thing from each room that you just love and pull colors from redneck two cents worth.

  3. I agree with Darla. I always take something in the room that is my inspiration...fabric, or a pitcher, or something that you love. Pull the colors from that. It helps so much to not just have a blank slate. There are too many choices!

  4. Take a look at Benjamin Moore "Gray Horse" #2140-50. It is a soft bluish-gray that I used in my bedroom and I love. I found it on the walls of a beautiful home decor store nearby and tested all kinds of other colors but kept coming back to it and I am happy I did. Good luck!

  5. If you're going with a beachy feel what about all shades of cream, ivory, white, ecru, etc. They don't need to "match" because you'd be using all the shades. You'd need to add lots of texture. Fabrics with nubby texture, a strong weave. then add your blues/greys as accent.

  6. I know exactly how you feel. Been there. Done that (I have built three houses).

    You are doing the right thing with the wall samples... stare at each sample for a few days to see it in all light conditions.

    Don't rush. Really. Don't believe the saying that "it is only paint" because painting a whole room is time-consuming and expensive. Then, you feel bad about repainting a newly painted room. My kitchen walls here started out the wrong color and I waited three years to repaint them to a perfect white!

    Here's the thing that I've learned on paints. Look for the undertone in the wood colors of your furniture, cabinets and floors. All of the wood in my dining and family room has gold undertones, so I worked with a color family with gold undertones (even in the white paint formula). Then, I put up the strips and painted wall samples to compare with the upholstery.

    I know you'll make the right choice that feels good to you. Good luck!

  7. With the warm colors of the wood, I would stick with warm colors for the walls to match.

  8. Hi cherry,

    How about white with aqua accents, like sea glass?


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