A few things we enjoyed seeing while on our tour

This was one of the coolest sites. It is an alley that has been transformed into a beautiful gathering spot for all the neighbors. Here is part of an article from our local paper about it and the people that created it ..

Jericho Phire has had tourists take his picture while he was sitting in his pajamas having a morning cigarette. He doesn't consider himself particularly photogenic. But he and his neighbor, Pinky Fox, have created their own little piece of heaven on concrete: Jardin de Fox Phire.
Tucked off Hull Street and extending around the corner on Abercorn, the two started small. Actually Fox, who owns her condo, had tried planting flowers in the tree lawn, "but nothing grew." So at Christmas when her son came to visit she started bricking it in. Phire, who rents his apartment with his partner came out for a cigarette. Fox put in a brick crooked. He couldn't stand it and started helping. Square plot by plot, they added planters and flowers.
Fox was thinking about spray-painting two big electrical boxes green and using magic markers to create the look of plantation shutters. Phire shuddered and took control of the painting. "I wanted these faux shutters to have more of a theater backdrop feel, yet retain the shabby-chic charm of an older Savannah building," Phire said. "That idea spawned others."
The experienced muralist painted a slice of wall to look like stucco peeling away from brick. He stained the concrete walk to look like a path of bricks. "People grind their toes into it," Phire said, to see what it is. Shutters swing across the walkway "like an art installation, something that has drama," Phire said. Fox provided most of the capital. Phire produced much of the artistic work. "Since he rents he's pretty special to be willing to do this," Fox said. "It's a peaceful place to have in the city." They planted plumbago, mandevilla, petunias, Gerber daisies and "mint for mojitos," Fox said. They added an antique gate, a porch swing and chairs. "We used to sit on the front stoop," Fox said. "Now we encourage everyone in the 18 units to use this area."
Phire said, "It has become the mecca of the apartment complex - an oasis of sorts, where people come to relax, grill and soak up a few rays of sun. "Artist and architect Alexandro Santana, who had his own tree lawn artistry featured in the book " Small Gardens of Savannah and Thereabouts," calls the Jardin de Fox Phire "absolutely breathtaking. " Fox said. "We've already gotten our money's worth out of it."
She said she loves to design and decorate and has spent lots of money and effort on rooms that no one ever goes into. Friends and tourists tell them the area looks like a little slice of Paris. "People love to sit out here and talk about their trips to Europe," Fox said. "We inspire travel, even if it's only in our minds.

I also loved the couch above just sitting all by it's self in an empty lot .

It's sad to say I drive through our historic district often and miss so much of it's beauty. I guess that's why I enjoy doing the tour of homes & gardens to remind me of how special my home town really is.

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Happy Wednesday !
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  1. Such a wonderful tour! Thanks for "taking us" along with you.

  2. I don't blame you for going on a home and garden tour of your neighborhood...there's so much beauty to see! I would do the same thing. I especially luv the photos of the alley. Thanks for sharing Cherry!

  3. Oh wow, how glad am I to find this blog! Savannah is my favorite city in the entire world and I would love to live there if I could afford it! I go back whenever I can. This little garden in the alley is just priceless and so much the spirit of the people who live in and love Savannah. Thanks for posting it!

  4. You captured the charm of the newspaper article very well with your photos. Savannah is a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. What a fabulous tour! Love all your pictures and mosaics!

    ~ Tracy

  6. What fun to fix up an area like the alley. It looks so inviting and relaxing. Looks like a very enjoyable tour. Have a good weekend.

  7. Oh yes you are so lucky to live there. It has been almost one year since we went to Savannah for the NOGS tour. I was dying to go again this year but our senior son has two major events next weekend. Maybe next year!!

  8. Hi. It's Jericho…the person mentioned in the article you posted. You should see the garden/alley now. It's VASTLY different. New furniture, more plants.

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  10. Well what a treat to have you stop by Mr. Phire. I will take you up on that and I can't wait to see what you done. hugs,Cherry


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