Happy New Year everyone

New Years Day we had our traditional Hoppin John and Collards .. We also rode out to Tybee Island with plans to watch the Polar Bear Plunge click here to checkout some great pictures but it was pouring rain and cold which didn't seem to matter to anyone but me .. How about this brave fellow from Gallery by the Sea ... only on Tybee.. lol

The rain is gone and the sun is shining so beautiful ... I keep looking out and thinking this can't be right ... it is freezing out .. now I know my northern girlfriends are laughing at me because I complain when it gets a little chilly but I'm telling ya'll it really is freezing around here !!!

That's ice on my swimming pool .. we have never had that before the temp this morning at 10 am was 18.9 .. right now at 2 something pm it's like 40 .. dat's cold girlfriends !!! Heck I don't have enough socks to make it through this week .. and it's going to stay cold! This isn't one of those cold today and back in the 70's tomorrow kind colds that Savannah is know for.
This is a real cold front.

and this is what a real cold front does to a garden .. ugly isn't it

so what do we do down here when it gets too cold to go out and play ? Not much .. make a big pot of chicken stew, cuddle up, stare out the windows and dream about spring or go blog hopping which is what I'm going to do ... won't ya'll come along I'm joining Mosaic Monday's hosted by Miss Mary at Little Red House wish I had something prettier to share for my first time .

sending warm sunny wishes to everyone
hugs ya'll, Cherry


  1. Oh how I love Hoppin Johns! I had some myself! So easy to make! It is cold here too! Brrr!

  2. Cherry, even if your garden isn't pretty this time of year, you and your words are delightful.

    The garden pictures, lower right photo....what is that?

    Just like you don't really know COLD, I have no idea about your HOT.

    Chicken stew....sounds good.


  3. Miss Donna that is my sad looking banana trees..lol

    Dirt Princess can't you find some one that will take this cold away ? ..lol

    Ya'll come on down the stew will be ready about 6ish

  4. Hello: Sure does look like you got a frosty surprise. I hated to see your plants gone though. We get some early frosts here in Ontario that kill off our flowers and makes us so sad. Hope it gets warmer for you. It won't here until the end of April. Valerie

  5. Looks like we are all in this Arctic Freeze together, Cherry. Happy New Gardening Year!

  6. Hi Cherry, welcome to Mosaic Monday! I love all your mosaics, esp. the kitty! Hope you get some warmer weather real soon -- it's in the 20's here today, but not quite as windy as over the weekend. Hope to see you more at MM. :)

  7. Well I'm not in the far north..but this week we're thinking we got moved to the North Pole. Temps are 5 below zero and wind chill is 35 below...with 13 inches of snow...but I'm soaking in the sunshine today. I love the pattern of the thin ice on the water...beautiful. Hope you have a grand week.

  8. Across the river in SC we're freezing too. Enjoy your pics.

  9. Cherry -- you said it right, girlfriend! We aren't in a cold snap up here, we're in a cold STREAK -- weeks and weeks to come.

    So, what does a southern girl do when it's this cold? The Musician and I are heading to SOUTHERN California in a few days! LOL The Archaeologist is home and he'll take care of Charm for us!


  10. I hope the Lady Banks rose does not freeze. I brought a plant back when I was in Savannah.

  11. Hi Cherry,
    Just popped over from Mary's little red house, saw you live in one of my favourite places to visit and took a look around.
    Your garden does look sad but I'll be coming back often to see it in all it's glory.
    Happy New Year from Normandy, France.

  12. Hi Cherry - and thanks for your comments on Blotanical! I've just been reading your blog and have really enjoyed it :)

    It's about -5 here, we've got around 4+ inches of snow, most of the schools are shut and I've got a snow day!!! (yeah ...I LOVE snow! - odd really as I hate being cold!)so I'm using my newly found free time to pootle around some new blogs instead of doing the paperwork I'm supposed to be doing!

    Have a happy day :)

  13. I enjoyed your mosaics.
    You need to visit us here in the land of ice and snow to know what real cold is! :-)
    We're up to a toasty 16 degrees F today but it is still snowing.
    I made a big pot of soup Sunday and only go outside if I have to.

  14. It's 40? Heehee! It was 51 here yesterday and I was comfortable outside in a light sweatshirt jacket. Although I know how strange it can be when you're not used to it! Poor little plants.

  15. Love the kitty mosaic! Have a happy & cozy week!

  16. I love that your southern accent comes through in your writing! Awesome!


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