Good morning ya'll

On birdwatch ~ these 3 have discovered the new bird feeder they can't wait to get out the door in the mornings to sit and watch .

So how about that wall color ... lol
Oh Miss Cameron ~ can this be called Persimmon ? lol

A few of the Star Magnolias did make it through the freeze but a bunch of stuff didn't guess we will see in the coming weeks if it was a total lost for the more tender plants. This is the first winter in many years that we have had freezing temps for several nights & days so I know there will be some losses .. The sun just doesn't want to shine around here, it tried late yesterday afternoon for a few moments but for the most part it has been damp, foggy, cloudy and I hate it.
I don't know how those of you that live in the north do this all winter give me sunshine ... PLEASE !!!

It is always fun to see who stops by welcome to Miss Alisa from Carolina Panache that chicken salad sounds awesome and the table looks beautiful ... ya'll go on over and check it out.

Miss Maureen from Allotment Heaven I am using an Olympus sp570uz I see you are using a Fuji my brother has the S5000 and I had the s7000 which was wonderful the sensor went out on it and I am still mourning the loss it was an awesome camera .

Hubby has been working hard trying to get the back porch ready for my niece's baby shower that we are hosting next weekend and it really is looking good the wall color is bold but it's growing on me as we add the other colors and as ya'll have said when I start adding in the pillows and other pretties it will all come together.

Time to get moving have a wonderful day everyone
hugs, Cherry

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  1. The cats are cute!

    I love your Persimmon walls! :-) Yummy! Looks great to me.


  2. Have fun with the baby shower...just love all the gifts.
    You had me cracking up with the pic of your 3 cats...that's a keeper.

  3. I love the cats at the windows watching the birds.

  4. Your hubby has done a great job of transforming the back porch in to a fabulous family room,I can see you all out there watching the cats watching the birds!

  5. It looks like your cats have found their favourite channel on cat tv.

    Here in Alberta, although we do get the extreme cold temperatures, we have mostly sunny blue sky days. The sun reflecting off the snow really brightens the winter day, but we also get fewer hours for the sun to be above the horizon in winter. It evens out in the summer, when I can garden until 11:00.

  6. Your star magnolia flower is so pretty. There once was one in our garden when we bought the house, but it has since died. Seeing your flower makes me want one again.

    Always Growing

  7. How lucky you are to have your magnolias survived! Here in the Northwest, I saw so many of them damaged, more than other species. ....Cats are adorable!...As for the grey cloudy days - o-o-o, I hear you!!!

  8. What a scene! And a great capture w/your camera! I like the wall color. You will make the whole area look just lovely, I'm sure:)


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