can you see me now ? lol

Here my Star Magnolias are just about ready to burst into all their glory after all that beautiful 70 & 80 degree weather and old man winter decides to come to Georgia. We are expecting the coldest weather that we have had in like 4 or 5 years. I tried to tuck every body in real tight but only time will tell.

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  1. Cherry; your Magnolias are magnificent. I hope the cold does not to much damage to these wonderful blooms. You might have to cut a huge bunch for inside.
    Thank you for your visit to my SWF.

  2. They really are magnificent, Cherry -- our magnolias won't be in bloom until the end of May at the earliest. They're such a beautiful bloom.

  3. Simply stunning buds on those Magnolias Cherry!

  4. What pretty buds; I didn't know magnolias would bloom this early. I hope the freeze doesn't damage them. Can you take them inside and force the buds?

  5. Cherry girl .. I thought you meant "can we see YOU now" ??? LOL
    I can't even imagine seeing magnaolia blossoms this time of year ........... they are gorgeous !

  6. Cherry, I love your pictures, it is so sad that they may get frosted. The last 2 springs most of our magnolia flowers have got frosted. Hopefully this year as it has been colder they will open later and we will not have late spring frosts.

    Keep warm, best wishes Sylvia (England)


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