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As some of you may remember back during the summer we took out a wall on the back porch and extended the porch all the way across the back of the house. We wanted an area off of the bedroom to put the hot tub with an entry way to the pool area so we wouldn't have to run though the house wet and yes to the Ohio girls Necked ... We stopped working on it when it became to hot and yucky outside.
Hubby has been hard at it for a couple of weeks and all that is left is laying the floor, a few nit picking things and painting. It is looking so good I can't wait to see it finished. He also added a few new things to the old part of the room, by ripping out a closet that was more like a black hole... things went in but never came out. He was able to make me these great benches that I have put plastic tubs in for storage and he also made me a giant litter box .. lol
Ok this isn't a box for the kitty's it is for storing nice clean litter we buy several of those big yellow bags at a time and they would sit right at the back door..
I HATED THEM .. so now I don't have to see them at all.

Over the weekend we started working on choosing paint colors. The only for sure color was the floor which we had decided is going to be a local color called Charleston green it is so green it looks black then the walls a soft yellow with a sea green ceiling, but after much debating
lots of lemon cake , beer ~ him... wine ~ me later in the day : )
The wall colors changed to a very bright & bold coral color ..
oh yeah I'm struggling with this and he is hell bent on having it !!!

So I started walking around the house looking at things to see if it could work.
And there on the back porch in the pillows was all the colors we were looking at ..hummmm
then in the laundry room that coral color again in the rug & on my pretty little switch plate cover. Well dang who knew .. I like coral ????

So now I'm off to purchase paint .. and I can't wait to see these walls maybe Sunday afternoon if old man winter would get out of here !!!!!
Burrrrrrrr it is cold in dixie !!!

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  1. Cherry girl ! My god I laughed with this post and I was amazed at such a big project too !
    I am also in awe of the huge litter box commitment you have made for your kitties : ) awesome !
    The lemon cake and assorted beverages are perfect for making your mind up with the colour choices .. and I adore how 'necked" ? is used .. but trying not to picture it ? LOL
    Great pick me up post !!
    I need to see the finished project too so don't forget to post on it please : )

  2. Looking GOOD !
    Has to be alot of fun looking forward to all the possibilities.

  3. I am so glad to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It looks like you have a wonderful project underway. I can't wait to see your finished product. The colors you have selected are gorgeous with the fabric. Oh, I just LOVE makeovers and renovations. I visit you often to check on your progress!!!
    All the best,
    Alisa - Carolina Panache

  4. What a great room it will be! I'm glad you thought to add the ceiling fans. Can't wait to see the finished product. And BTW, that's quite a big litter box! LOL

  5. Cherry -- I love "persimmon" colors (like a deep coral). I have persimmon pillows on the screened porch and persimmon pool towels. I painted my outdoor shower stepping stones persimmon, too. I think your colors will be great -- especially with a light turquoise (Noonday Tide) porch ceiling and a Charleston Green floor. Go for it!


  6. This looks like it is a wonderful addition to your are going to enjoy it so much! It will be so cozy and comfy once you get it decorated, and you have a lot of storage space! Who doesn't always need more of that?! Just be sure to keep the lid closed on the litter storage box...otherwise, you might have a cleaning job you'd prefer not to!!:)

  7. Wow, Cherry! Lucky woman! What a fabulous project! I especially like the kitty litter box, as I, too, have an extra bag of kitty litter usually near the back door and it's not that aesthetic, truly. What a wonderful kind thoughtful and handy husband to make that great storage space for you! Bravo! Also love the idea of the coral. So warm and inviting and HAPPY, like you,Cherry!

  8. It's all neat, but I LOVE the litter bin! How terrific. As much as I love my kitties, I don't care for all the litter, both used and unused that sits around. Bravo for hubby.


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