Plant shopping at the end of July

This summer has been very, very non typical Savannah weather...
Normally by this time of the summer
I have not only stopped thinking about buying anything,
 I have most likely stopped caring about what is going on outside at all.
But because of all the rain our temperatures have stayed on the mild side
 and even though it is so wet that I really haven't been able to do much...
The milder temperatures have me making plans
for when or if the rain ever stops.

and I have figured out
 ~ if you go shopping this late in the season
 you find things on sale.
You find things you have been wanting but haven't been able to find
 and you find things that might not have peeked your interest in the spring...

Like these marked down New Dawn Climbers 
Yesterday I picked up three for the price of one...
But the fun part about this is I didn't even realize until this morning
 what I had bought ... Now.... let me explain..
Yesterday I got to make a quick stop at a nursery in Statesboro, Georgia
I went in with one thing on my mind. They didn't have it so I left my name and number
 and was headed for the car when I saw the roses.
I have been thinking about planting some small white roses along the front walk.
I found what I wanted went and got a cart threw 3 roses on it
 turned around and saw a Lady Baltimore hibiscus placed it on the cart, paid took off.
 I unload the car when I got home and I still had not notice I had pink roses.
This morning I go out to water.... I stopped, looked around
 ( you know like maybe someone is playing a joke and is hiding to see me react )
 I grabbed the tag and guess what I have 3 New Dawn Climbers
well how ya like that .. I have been trying to decide which climbers
I wanted for my arbor in the backyard...
Well I guess that decision has been made..
Lady Baltimore hibiscus I could not find her in the spring but I have her now

Black coral elephant ears Taro Colocasia
The wouldn't have peeked my interest in the spring
but I'm gaga over right now... I can't wait to watch this grow.
The leaves are iridescent, when the sun hits them they shimmer..
I also bought a Limelight Hydrangea, Night Blooming Jasmine
 and was given a piece of a Taro named Tea cup.
So I say get out and go shopping ya just might find a treasure...

Now let me tell ya what else I did yesterday but don't tell anyone else
 cause it's pretty silly and well it makes me sound a little goofy..
The hubby and I went to lunch, time I walked into the restaurant
I headed for the restrooms. I went in did my business walked out of the stall and thought hummm that's a urinal on that wall.. 
Why would they have a urinal in the ladies room..
With no more thought about it..
We had a wonderful lunch with the nieces and the babies.
I got up to leave and walked right back into that restroom again
 and dang if there wasn't a man standing there drying his hands...
He smiled, I say is this the men's room
he gives me that Bill Engvall look... You know the one
The Here's your sign one... and yes there were signs very clear signs on the doors..
I just once again was not paying attention
yep pretty silly but it sure gave us all a good laugh
 and something for the kids to rag me about for the next thousand years..
hugs and happy weekend ya'll, Cherry


  1. I had to giggle that you ended up with pink roses instead of white. I can't begin to tell you how many times that has happened to me too! Oh, and the bathroom incident...hilarious! Absolutely something I would do!

  2. Good Afternoon Cherry, What a lovely mistake, picking up three pink roses instead of three white roses. New Dawn is a lovely rose.
    I love Hibiscus, but I am having trouble growing it here in England, but I am persevering.
    We had sales here in early summer as our weather had been atrocious, with so much rain, that no one was planting, so I managed to buy 2 box plants for the price of one which I was thrilled about.
    Oh, no, walking in to the mens bathroom..... I think you will be teased about this for a very long time.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  3. We used to use the mens bathroom because there was no line..One of us would stand outside...Flower shopping this time of year is pretty awful..Things are in pretty bad shape esp with the heat we've had with no rain..

  4. Those elephant ears are very interesting. I never see them up north!

  5. How funny about the men's room! I just bought a rose called 'The Generous Gardener' that can pass as either white or pink; it depends on where it is in the bloom stage. I love end of season sales but we won't have our sales in the northwest until September. Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  6. Love your silliness! At least the guy was just washing his hands! When things start to look a bit tired in my garden coming into August, I have a peek around to see what's blooming in the nursery too. It gets me into that excited planting & planning mode again that I had in the spring. Your roses look so pretty, and I'm sure some little trickster must have swapped the white ones off your cart when you weren't looking ;) Have a great week Cherry. Wendy


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