Gracious Southern Gardens Tour #1

Back around the first of May the Southbridge Garden Club
 held it's first Garden tour.
 The Gracious Southern Gardens Tour
for weeks I have been thinking I had lost all of my pictures
 only to remember last night during a very sound sleep
 that they were on my old computer yippee here we go...
walking up to this home I knew it was going to be good.
The home owner is an artist and it showed through out the entire yard.
I loved these giant hibiscus that she had made.
the little courtyard at the front door was filled with color
heading towards the back
there was plants tucked in everywhere
and how cute are these name tags she made

she also had "before" pictures and it is amazing the difference
you never even noticed the neighbors while in the back 

from wide open to a cozy haven
her Coleus pots were awesome..

tucked in a far corner was this tropical sitting area

from this side of the yard you do see the neighbors
and guess what we are visiting their home next.

we were guided through a side yard
 that had been turned into a hidden shade garden

I was pleasantly surprised that she had so much going on in such a small space 
you could get lost in here in a good kinda way. 

I didn't notice the wrapped arbor until I started going through the pictures. 
I bet this is beautiful by now.

another cozy little sitting area

and look how cute a mantel along the path.
and at the very end was her potting bench it was right
 beside the garage which you never noticed until you were right up on it.

it was the perfect spot to get lots of work done.
following this path will take us next door.. 
I'll share real soon promise.
hugs and happy day ya'll, Cherry
It's Mosaic Monday Come join in the fun over at Little Red House


  1. Oh the large hibiscus are so cool! I love how she transformed her yard and I love the pool too. The garden next door looked as though it could have been in a different neighborhood; the outdoor mantel is really cute.

  2. This was so fun to see! You have a lovely blog too!

  3. Gracious indeed ..Beautiful..Thanks for sharing..

  4. What a beautiful home and garden. She has such great ideas too. I would never have thought about wrapping a arbor like that. Her Hibiscus pieces are just so gorgeous and amazing. I would love to have one. LOL! I like that fireplace mantel too. You an tell she is an artist. You could do all of that Cherry with your talent. Thanks for sharing.


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