In Honor of the beautiful Tall ship ~ The HMS Bounty

The Bounty as some of you may remember is one of the beautiful Tall Ships that sailed into Savannah back in May, 
as she has done many times before. 
It was my first time getting to tour her and the others. 
You can read and see pictures of the

It was magical watching as she and the others sailed out of Savannah on that misty, foggy morning

the sight was breathtaking and one I am so glad to have gotten to be apart of .
This morning Hurricane Sandy took this magnificent ship.. 
The crew had to abandon her. Reports say she went down very shortly after the crew had been rescued.

She will Sail on forever in the hearts of many....

Very sad .. thank the lord all are safe 
Please take a moment today to say a prayer for all those in the path of Sandy and to those of you that are please know my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours...
hugs, Cherry

Update ~ just after writing this post I  saw this .. sending prayers to all the crew and family members

14 rescued, 2 missing from tall ship off NC


  1. Oh how sad that the beautiful ship was lost. Sadder still is the fact that 2 crew members are missing.
    Sending prayers to all in the path of Sandy.

  2. Sad to hear that the ship was lost. Prayers for the missing crew members.

  3. Oh Cherry I remember your pictures of this ship. I guess I never connected it when I saw the news reports of its sinking. What a terrible shame.

  4. Very sad..They are such magnificent ships..


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