A Day on the island ~ Isle of Hope, Georgia

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The Isle of Hope United Methodist Church
A Day on the island 2012

Pumpkin, rosemary and an awesome view...

Those of you that have been around know Isle of Hope
 is one of my favorite places to visit.
It's not only beautiful, it's friendly, artsy
 and where we lived when I was born.
 My father got transferred around my fifth or sixth birthday so all of my memories are that of
a barefooted little girl playing in the dirt ..
I had a playhouse in the backyard and a collie name lassie....
 I know real original..lol.
  She followed my brother and I everywhere.
The water was a short walk down one end of the street and the store with ice cream was at the other end. I remember spending our summers on the dock watching my brother fish and crab, jumping in at low tide and coming home very muddy... When I'm in Isle of Hope I still feel like that little barefooted girl. Not just because of my memories but because the way of life in this community hasn't really changed much in the last 45 years.. It's still all about the love of family, community, church and neighbors ..

The first home we are visiting is one that I have wanted to see for a few years. It sits at the end of Bluff drive at Noble Glen.  It is a huge corner lot with lots of beautiful oaks. Built in 1820 this is the oldest standing home on Isle of Hope it was the gatekeepers cottage for a grand mansion along the river.

The manor house burned and was never rebuilt, but the little cottage has withstood time and through the years has been added onto and renovated into
the beautiful home that we see today.
This tour did not allow us to take inside pictures.. Sorry, ya'll know I would have loved to have shared..
and I promise ya'll would have loved seeing it..
This tour happens every other year so start making plans to come join us in 2014

Now let's grab a cocktail and I'll show ya'll around...
Is this not cute..
I have an enamel pot just like this one...
I'm thinking Christmas

Heading up the front steps 

to the right of the steps ~ love the pillows on the swing.
Heck I love it all...

to the left of the steps .. Don't ya'll love the long shutters and all of the doors coming out onto the porch.

Salad greens as under plantings .. yes, yes, yes...
do you see the little metal lizard... Top right of picture, looking like he is coming out from behind the shutter...

left side of the front porch has a dining area along with the cute bar area

can you say... Perfect !

again perrrrrrrrfect

I can just see long nights of endless conversations, great food and lots of wine... All while kids are running all over the place

~ it's a southern thang ~

or breakfast on beautiful slow easy mornings...
I would never want to leave the front porch.

but wait we haven't seen the rest of this fabulous property ...

let's grab another cocktail and head on out to the dock for the rest of the day, then come on back tomorrow and we'll share some chocolate and see what other pretties we can see.

Hope everyone enjoyed the tour and is enjoying some cooler weather. It is finally cool enough for socks in the mornings around here.. There is nothing more perfect than
Savannah in October ..
No heat, no air condition except on the rarest of occasions. Ya'll come on back tomorrow if I don't have to many of these cocktails I'll share the rest of my pictures
of this beautiful property..
If you are new here or just want to see more from past visits to Isle of hope click here..
A huge, huge thank you to Miss Anita for taking time to stop by and inviting me. The entire event was wonderful .. I can't decide what I loved the most.  The tour, the white elephant sale, the sweet shop, the craft room, lunch, dessert or getting to spend a beautiful day with my girlfriend Beth doing what we love to do the most... taking pictures and gabbering ..
hugs everyone see ya'll tomorrow, Cherry


  1. What a charming tour, Cherry. I'll bet that was TEA in those liquor bottles, LOL.

    I'm going out tomorrow and put arugula seeds underneath all my tomato, eggplant and pepper plants meant to winter over under glass (plastic).

  2. I ton' know where my first comment went -- repeating myself just in case:

    What a charming tour, Cherry. I'll bet that was TEA in those liquor bottles, LOL. I'm going out tomorrow and put arugula seeds underneath all my tomato, eggplant and pepper plants meant to winter over under glass (plastic).

  3. I'm there with you in 2014! What a beautiful home and grounds and thank you for sharing this wonderful tour with you. I have my glass in hand and going back for another look. Love ya! ~di

  4. Hi, Cherry. That is a beautiful house and garden. They have such a lovely relaxing place. I really enjoyed the photo tour.

  5. What a beautiful house. I can only imagine that it is just as beautiful on the inside.

  6. Thanks for sharing this beautiful place. I think the bags you are making are really cute too. You are very talented! Hugs friend Carol

  7. I would love to visit this awesome spot! Thanks for sharing :)


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