it's Flaunt your Flowers Friday and November

I truly can't grasp that it is November already.. 
but the weather is so pretty here right now that I am going to enjoy every second of it..
So let's get this Flaunting party started..

The lovely Cassia tree is blooming like crazy this year

Wendy's Wishes Salvia has Cherry wishing 
she had found this beauty in the springtime
, it's magenta color is awesome.. A bed full of this would stop traffic.

Confederate Rose still showing off a few blooms

Blue mist and yellow shrimp plant

do you see the flying bug ?

Sweet Almond Bush
( top left) another plant I didn't get till late summer
 and can't wait to see it do it's thing next year. Moon flowers, a few roses, lizards..

a few Camellia's, Blood rose, Salvia and the last of the Cockscomb

Coleus, White Cockscomb, Moon flower pods, 
Morning glories with Basil, Four O'clock seeds 
and a duplicated picture of the white roses above..

perennial marigold that has yet to bloom but is taking over the sidewalk


Four o'clocks and my bottle tree that was a wonderful birthday surprise
 from my girlfriend Beth. 
Her hunky talented son Bobby handmade it out of iron just for me. 
It has a hand cut design at the top that is really prettyand I should take a picture to share.. 
Once everything dies down around it I will.. 
Thank you so much hunky Bobby and my sweet girlfriend..

Checkout my pretty new shoes, they are so comfortable
 I wouldn't mind wearing them all the time
Ok so I have flaunted now it's your turn... Come on join us at Tootsie Time .
Have a wonderful weekend everyone I'm off to be crafty ...
Thank you so much for stopping by.. 
Hope you enjoyed yourself. 
Please checkout some of the OLDER post and come back often..
hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. The blooms on your Cassia Tree are just gorgeous. You are lucky to have so many lovely blooms in your garden Cherry.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Does not look like Nov. in your gardens! My Cassia did not return this year, BUT I found a seedling and potted it up just a couple of days ago, in the greenhouse it will go for the winter..LOVE the sloggers!

  3. Wow, you do have such a lot going on in your garden. The Cassia is bright and cheery. Those Salvias are truly gorgeous, and the Blue Mist/Yellow Shrimp plant combination is fabulous. I just loved the shot of the flying insect next to the Begonia blooms. Your birthday present is fantastic. It really is great work of art.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Beautiful gardens with a lot still going on in them. It has turned a bit chilly here, and taking my garden photos numbed the fingers a bit. Your bottle tree is a very nice present. Looks great in the gardens.

  5. Love your cassia blooms and your pretty pinks, particularly the salvia. I really like the picture of you and your husband by the lighthouse too, Cherry...reminds me of Hilton Head. Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Beth

  6. Your presentation adds so much to the wonderful photos that you share! This has been a wonderful visit... thank you for sharing! Larry


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hugs, Cherry

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