How can you pick just one ?

With so many gorgeous colors of Poinsettia available how can you possibly pick just one ! Beth and I took off up to Shawnee, Georgia to Rahn's greenhouses to see this years selections and we almost didn't have enough room to bring back all of the ones we choose .

Strawberries & Cream Sure caught my eye in a large quantity they were beautiful.

This light lime colored was so pretty

and the salmon colored ones in the right setting would be beautiful

and then the pretty speckled ones !

With several greenhouse full of all the different varieties of poinsettias it was really hard to decide what I wanted because I wanted at least one of each ..

and look what was sitting among all those pretty poinsettias the prettiest flower of all Beth's granddaughter Miss Addie .... doesn't she remind you of a Kewpie doll with those big blue eyes and Kewpie lips .. lol

This one came home with me

and so did some of those burgundy ones top left and a pink one as well as a few others. Do you use poinsettia in your Christmas decorating ? What colors do you like ? Do you stay more with the traditional Christmas reds or are you more adventurous ? It's Outdoor Wednesday come see what everyone is sharing over at Miss Susan's ~ A Southern Daydreamer ...hum mm time to get back to a baking & a wrapping .. Christmas hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Those sure are all beautiful and so is Miss Addie!! I used the specked ones this year and mixed in a couple white ones...they are all so pretty!

  2. Oh Great, this is awesome the color is perfect combination.

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  3. I love poinsettias! I have some white ones and some red ones! How cute that Miss Addie matched all the flowers perfectly! Have a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

  4. they are all gorgeous! I didn't do any this year...maybe next!


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