Sugar in the cotton field

What happens when you put two babies in a basket in the middle of a cotton field? Grown women come close to tee teeing in their panties ..

Well aren't we pretty in our Christmas outfits ..

hey Alexis let me help you. You have a little something hanging on your lip

yummy ~ it's Alexis SUGARS ...

Alexis that was really good can I have some more ?

I'm telling you Lex you have the best sugar around

just a little more ...

ya'll just don't know what you're missing .. this is some good stuff.. it's really sweet ... best sugar I've ever had ..

Look here Brayci cut it out ...
Stop so we can get our picture taken !!

I'll poke you in your nose if you don't give me some more sugars right now !

oppps wait .... what is happening ???

and then we went tumbling out and all aunt Cherry got was a shot of the cotton because she along with our momma's, and nanna were laughing too hard to help us .. thanks a lot ya'll ~ Alexis and Brayci

We were laughing so hard ... and I can't stop smiling looking at the pictures .. Alexis and Brayci are cousins, their mothers are sisters and I bet these two are going to be best friends forever ... just like their mothers are on most days .. lol

Happy weekend hope each of you are nice and warm, it's still chilly and raining here .. perfect for mixing up cookie doughs .. maybe even baking up a few to sample ...

Hey maybe I can get Alexis and Brayci to come help make these cookie's even sweeter .. lol

hugs ya'll, Cherry


  1. Precious ... I wrote a comment but it was deleted... gosh... anyway what wonderful photos and the cotton field is amazing... like snow. I am ignorant of its cycle... Is this the time of year it is harvested? Carol

  2. Christmas is a great time for babies in the house, or the cotton patch.

    A cousin sent me photos of two new baby girls, daughters of her nieces, just too precious and I could see the family resemblance!

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhh, Cherry those are the most precious photos.

  4. OMG, Cherry, what a precious cargo! How long did them babies actually stay! And the cotton background, so perfect for this Xmas photo..I love it!

  5. Cherry girl .. that was too cute ! .. I love the cotton field .. I have never seen one in person and it looks amazing : )
    I can see why you almost had an "accident" laughing st the babies so much ! LOL

  6. Cherry ~ What a precious photo shoot of these dimpled darlings! That cotton field background is just wonderful. They are definitely chuckles' & your write is so perfect for each pic.

    Merry Christmas, TTFN ~ Marydon
    **NEW BLOG**

  7. That last pic is priceless! The oldest one is doing a good job of taking her role of the older sister LOL

  8. Thank you for commenting on my BGgarden Fan Page. YOUR baby photos are adorable. IT reminds me of Anne Geddes work.

    Happy Christmas my garden Friend!

  9. Thank ya'll so much I know I'm over top with babies right now but I sure am having fun ..

    Miss Carol ~ Cotton is Harvested around the week of Thanksgiving weather permitting ..

    This field was huge and it was harvested the Monday morning after we took these.. we took some wonderful shots wish I could share them all without running everyone off with to much " family "

    Miss Lynn ~ 7 minutes tops and I deleted a bunch of pictures in between She would get a scoop then go right back for more

    Thank ya for stopping by hugs, Cherry

  10. SO CUTE!! I love the hair bows!! Pictures turned out great! Where is this cotton field located? I would love to take pictures by a cotton field! Thank you for your time :)

    1. Jessica thank you these were taken outside of Statesboro, GA
      The cotton does make for some pretty pictures.
      hugs, Cherry


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