Do you save your Christmas cards ~ Every year

aren't these just the sweatiest Christmas cards ? I found all of them online and thought how wonderful it is that someone not only saved them over the years but that someone else thought they were special enough to share them with the entire world ..

I save our cards and every year I pull them out and go through them. It brings me such joy to remember all the special people that have come and gone through out our 25 years together.

I still have our very first card it was from my husbands grandparents she wrote ~ Merry Christmas to the new Mr and Mrs. So simple but so perfect She passed away right before Christmas the following year so of course that makes it even more special..

and then we have the picture ones of all our friends children/ pets that you can't help but to giggle at. A lot changes in 25 years ..

and then there is the ones from just last year. The ones that really shouldn't mean too much just yet, but they become ones that you will treasure forever because some horrible disease took your friend or love one away from you.

I have no doubts that one day someone will be going through all my belongings and thinking this women must have been a real pack rat .. geez she kept everything .. lol

and that will be OK with me cause for now I am going to sit right here and reread each and everyone of them. I am going to laugh out loud, I'm going to cry, I'm going to remember all the beautiful times we got to share . I'm going to wait on the postman and open each card knowing that it is so much more than just a card .. it is a gift that can be treasured forever..

Sending warm blessing to each of you. To my dear friend Alvin I send lots of love as I know the pain seems unbearable but I promise your sweet memories will help you through.

To my big brother hugs and kisses you are forever in my heart..

hugs ya'll, Cherry


  1. I love them! I have just started saving mine! Those are some really nice cards! I have been working on my Christmas card design...I need to hurry up so I can get them printed! I love your new layout!

  2. Hi Cherry -- I've saved cards from my kids and immediately one time, I used to send out over 100 cards, and kept the particularly pretty ones we got in return to sketch from, and often made gift tags out of some of them in years when things were much tighter financially. :) My kids used to do crafts with them, making place mats by sandwiching pretty cards between two sheets of waxed paper. :) Sweet.

  3. I love to save my cards, especially the handmade ones. Fun to look back and see where everyone was in life at the time they sent it! Photo cards irked me until I saved them for a few years and found that they tell an even better story!~

  4. Your collection of cards is exceptional :-D Btw, I like those little snow falling on your blog. Have fun preparing for Christmas!

  5. I save some of mine - and use them as bookmarks - victoriana ones like those above are my favourites too. I've just noticed your snow falling also - its lovely.

  6. Hi Cherry, what a lovely Christmas-y page. I save my cards from one year to the next to reread what folks are up to, a refresher. Some cards I cut and use as gift tags ....sharing the artwork for another year.

  7. Cherry, you are a wonderful blogger. I love the Christmas Card collection. I save my cards and use some of them as gift tags, keep others to re-read or place in altered books where I can see them on trips down memory lane.
    Love the snow.


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