Thank you so much Stuart

For months now I haven't been showing up on Blotanical like so many others.

I had just decided that since I wasn't a computer geek I would just not worry about it and just enjoy reading other Blotanical post but this morning much to my delight Stuart had an update with a solution to my problem and I just found my post on the active list ... WOOHOO !!

If you haven't seen it yet below is what worked for me minus the Panadol
( not sure what that is )

did drink one cup of coffee and went on about my day though.

I see Garden girl and some of the other bloggers have made it back also so go try it

Looking forward to seeing everyone posting again..

Big bunch of thank you's coming your way Mr. Stuart

For those of you who have Feedburner feeds and would like a workaround here are some options;

Blogger blogs
1. In your Blogger settings click the Site Feed tab.
2. Remove anything that is within the Post Feed Redirect URL field. It should now be completely EMPTY.
3. Click Save Settings.
4. Go to the SimpliePie Demo page and in the blue field type your URL and then click Read.
5. If successful, it should display your posts.
6. You will notice that where you typed your URL it has now changed to another URL. Copy this.
7. Now go to your Plot in Blotanical.
8. Click the myBlogs tab.
9. Click the Edit button under your blog details.
10. In the Blog Feed field paste the URL that you copied at Step 6.
11. Click Update.
12. Take two Panadol, wait for an hour and then write your next post. They should begin showing up again.


  1. Here, here! Glad to see you back up on the picks page again. I think panadol is some sort of asprin but I could be mistaken....

  2. Glad it all worked out Cherry! Good to see you back in the mix of things.

  3. Correct Cinj. I'm sorry, although Panadol is a brand name, we use it colloquially as a generic term for Paracetomol - I should have thought that one through before posting it.

    Glad to have you showing again Cherry and my apologies for taking so long to get you back there.

  4. Hi Cherry and thanks for the news. I've just tried it and hope it works for me as well.


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