Alligator turtle on the loose

Yesterday morning my girlfriend Beth calls in distress over
this cute little baby turtle .. ( isn't he cute ???? )

Well it seems that her hubby AKA The Home Wrecker
gave her this cute little baby turtle in a cup and since
Beth is a lover of all things cute and small she starts checking him out.

She gets the camera and starts taking pictures
of the cute little turtle only to have cute little turtle stick his very long neck
out and try to bite her ... lol

This little guys is the size of a quarter
so she never thought about him being able to hurt her .. lol

When I started telling her that when an Alligator turtles bites
it hangs on for dear life ..

all she kept saying was BUT Cherry .... he's so small ... lol

They have a hook on their mouth that is like a vise grip
if one bites you, you really could need medical attention .. lol

We don't know if this little guy could have done any bodily harm
and I guess we will never find out cause, Beth sent him on a little flying adventure

So ya'll beware there is a pissed off Alligator turtle on the loose in B-Dale, Georgia ... lol

Now my thoughts wonder .....

did The Home Wrecker know this was an alligator turtle
he gave to his lovely wife ???????

my guess is heck yeah ... lol


  1. So cute! Love your entire blog! Cameron (Defining Your Home Garden)

  2. Ohh sooo sweeeet!!! But lock at his nails/Claws! Thay are so sharp and long!!!!!!
    I do like turtles but not that cind... In Sweden there are no wild turtles... only the one you can by!

  3. Just came to your blog from your message on Blotanical--so what's your new camera? You're doing a great job with it! I love those Black&Yellow garden spiders--I assume an alligator turtle is a kind of snapper--don't love them so much.

  4. When I was a child of about 10 or 11 years old, I was bit by a snapper...a large one...I just kept slamming that turtle on the cement driveway over and over...maybe 50-60 times before he let loose and ripped my thumb up pretty good! The doctor at the hospital said that usually you have to behead the turtle for release. Now in the woods, I'm very cautious when I see a cute turtle!


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