Greetings from Savannah

Happy Friday everyone,

WOW it's been almost a month since I was last here wish I could say I have been on some exotic vacation but the truth is I have just been busy.

I had this little surprise in the middle of the herb bed so I cooked him up last night in a Shrimp stir fry .. along with the banana peppers that got taken over by the brown eye Susie
( yes I know that's not their names but it's what I call them since my little sister is a brown eyed Susie )

The second picture is a tomato called BANANA LEGS I'm still waiting on them to turn yellow so I can try them.
They are kinda cool looking.

The cucumbers I planted were DIVA & SWEET SUCCESS I hate to see those end both were very good.

The tomatoes have been fantastic ..
I think I have had a tomato sandwich everyday for the last month.

We have had lots of rain which has been great except trying to keep up with the weeds that seem to appear overnight.

oh and the last picture is boiled peanuts shells ..
No I don't grow them but I sure enjoy eating them while in the pool..

Hey maybe they can be my new garden art ! ..

It's a Southern thang .. lol


  1. Hello, Cherry!

    You are so lucky, to have had lots of rain; I'm Northeast of Atlanta, between Athens and Gainesville, and we've had some rain the past few days also, but not nearly enough to have the kind of gardens you have in Savannah. Well, I guess we'd be hard pressed to ever have the kinds of gardens you have in Savannah, no matter the weather conditions! You live in my favorite Georgia city, and the images from your garden are beautiful. About tomatoes, I am growing a few heirloom "Cherokee Purple" this year; have you ever tried them? The ones I've harvested so far (only three) have had excellent flavor, but the tops were all cracked (lack of water -- not only has there been insufficient rain, but we are also under watering restrictions), so only the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 was edible.

  2. Great pictures(-: I think the peanut shells qualify as garden art too(-:

  3. How lucky to have a surprise in your herb bed! Looks delicious! By the way Brown Eyed Susie sounds very fitting for those brown eyed blooms:).


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