Happy Birthday Beth

Here's a few more..

Beth took these pictures it was her first day with her new camera ..

and yes I'm wishing I had a new

camera too ...

This is Beth and I at Joiners

We were some kinda HOT !!!

but then we are some HOT chick's

Love ya gal !!!


  1. Those daylilies are so beautiful. I would want to buy them all...(-:
    I wish I had a new camera too. Someday soon hopefully.(-: I am using a dinosaur sony that uses disks for some pictures and I also have a small sony one(with a card) the fits in my purse. It doesn't take as good as pictures as the dinosaur Sony does but its more portable.

  2. Now I have Day Lily envy, and great pictures. You can add me to the list of people who would like a new camera!

    You both look lovely - great to have such special friendships.

  3. What is the name of the first one? That's fantastic!

  4. Wow, You are right about a place like that stopping time. I could get lost in there for hours I'm sure. So glad you had a great day. As Zoe said-friendships are so special and having someone to share your passion of gardening with is even better!


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