Southern Freeze 2014

Well after a whole lot of hoopla and waiting

we have icicles 

we have ice covered Tea Olive blossoms

we have ice drips hanging on the leaves of everything in the yard

we even have an icicle hanging in the dried sunflower head
 but what we don't have.... is snow not even a flake.. 
If it is going to be this cold the least it can do is give us a little snow to play in..
 Oh well maybe next time... 
Oh and we are going to be in the high 70's by the end of the weekend..
Crazy isn't
hugs ya'll stay warm and safe, Cherry


  1. Awesome Macros!! Did you get a rain before the freeze or did you hose the plants??
    We use to run the sprinkler on the orange trees so they would stay at freezing, a form of insulation, if we knew the temps were going to drop down into the twenties or teens.
    Better to be safe than sorry!!

  2. We got sleet that froze and stayed that way for 2 days. Luckily I could work at home. Sun came out today and melted everything. Its gonna be cold tonight 19 deg. My kids and grands back home in South Mississippi got snow and were delighted. Keep warm!

  3. Your ice is so clear! When we had our big ice storm in December, there wasn't a blade of grass that wasn't covered. Lovely photos Cherry. Sorry you didn't get snow, but at least you don't have to shovel it ;) Wendy x

  4. My sister is in Alabama..Same down there..The good thing is that it will be over soon unlike Pa where the snow has been around for weeks..

  5. Cherry, your ice pictures are beautiful! Have you ever entered any of your pictures into a contest or sent them off to a magazine? You should as they are so great! Sorry that you all are going through all this ice mess. I can handle the snow but not the ice. I still have pictures of a major ice storm here in Md/DC/Va area back in the late 1980's or early 1990's to remind me what it was I know what the South must be feeling like now. We had the frigid temps and the wind but not much snow or ice. Greatful of that.

    Your pictures of that gator sunny itself..never seen one that color even in pictures..they are mostly green/brown color. Maybe there are different species..don't want to get that close to find out. Remember a class trip to Fla. in the 10th grade, where we went to an aligator farm and saw the man wrestle one. Never forgot that! My SIL is a nurse and she helped treat a kid that came in contact with a gator in a lake and had to have over 200 stitches. He was lucky to be alive..

  6. Fabulous ice shots! Well, we survived the Winterjam...We got about an inch of snow, just enough for the kids to do some sledding but wow did the ice on the roads cause a headache in ATL. But, it was nice to be housebound for 2 days!

  7. There are some beautiful patterns in those icicles. What unusual weather for your area!



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