38th Annual NOGS Tour 2013

Garden number one part one

We are going inside one of the lushes gardens I have ever seen

aqua pool water and pink Mandevilla's yummy...

this garden has a lot going on but not in a busy way

everywhere you looked there was something beautiful

with little nooks and crannies tucked full of beautiful pieces
 along with all this fabulous greenery

a beautiful spa completely hidden away

this candelabra was awesome
 very close to my favorite piece of the entire tour

brick paths lead to lots of hidden area's around the gardens

Come back tomorrow for the rest of this beautiful garden
 I promise it so worth coming back for
hugs and happy Friday, Cherry


  1. Beautiful. I wasn't able to get to the NOGS tour this year so thank you so much for posting about it. I'm currently posting about the Piedmont Gardener's tour I took last weekend.

  2. This is just perfect! I love the candelabra by far! Will have to look out for one. Chel

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this. I love the elements of the Savannah gardens. the brick, iron, statues etc. One day I am going to go on this tour! Thanks again and have a great weekend friend! Hugs Carol

  4. So beautiful. I love that pool and the planted containers around it. You are so right about it being such a lush garden. A love the meandering paths and hidden areas like the spa. How wonderful. I am going to love these tours Cherry. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Hello Cherry; good to see your wonderful smile; and the treat of this fine garden. The candelabra is just gorgeous, I think it is a must have for the garden!


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