it's officially Christmastime ..

The raisins are being plumped for fruitcake cookies

Maddie has turned into a reindeer

the kittens have discovered the tree

We have had our first fight

we've made ourselves a cozy spot ...
That is a mirror to the left not both kittens 
being sweet sitting side by side

and a few wreaths got remade in spite of
sleeping and always in my way kitties..
yes, it's official .... it's Christmastime at our house
Have you started decorating ?
I have been wondering through blog land looking at all the beautiful homes fully decorated already and wishing these kittens would calm down or get to fat to jump/ dive
into my Christmas trees.
Have a wonderful Sunday ya'll
 happy decorating, cooking or just hanging out..
hugs, Cherry


  1. That's funny how the kitties want to be on all your stuff. My poodle puppy, Elton tries to get in the middle of what ever I am doing. He thinks I need him to supervise every thing I am doing, including going to the bathroom. (I draw the line there, he had to stay outside the door). If I ignore him he will pick up something and walk off with it. So glad I have a poodle to help me. Have a good day Carol

  2. Hi Cherry, Those kitties are so cute. The tree is beautiful and you have done such a great job on the wreaths. We are going to Tennessee for Christmas so there will be litttle decorating here.
    Love to all, Ginger

  3. Our Andie takes residence under the tree every year, although she has never climbed the tree. LOL. Your kitties are just getting into the spirit Cherry, decking the halls with you!

  4. Love your kitty pictures..SO sweet...never a dull moment I'll bet..

  5. With a reindeer and kittens at your house there must be plenty of fun activity. The cats may be a nuisance getting into the tree, but it sure results in some great photos!

  6. I love the kittens in the tree. It is possible I could eat a few of those raisins right out of the jar :)


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