Pink mist in the pines

It can't help but to be a great day when the morning starts out this beautiful .. and it was followed by warm glorious sunshine .. time to go play..
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone

Thank you for all the love & support
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Beautiful pink aura on the pines. Sure is warmer than it was last week at this time!

  2. What a beautiful shot of the pines. Yes, it has to be a sign of a beautiful day. Have to comment also on the lovely picture of your Dad and you. So sorry for your loss. May his memory be a positive influence on your days ahead.

  3. Nice to see you. Hope all is well. That is a beautiful start to your day. Sun has been in and out here...more rain coming, sigh.

  4. Sunrise like that does make for a beautiful day. Your new header is lovely too. Wish I could wake up to that kind of view. Hope you're having a nice day.

    Be sweet


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