Steal Magnolias Eclectics

Look what Bobbie and I have found ... it's brand new and has lots of yummy goodies inside ...

Steal Magnolias Eclectics ~ Antiques, collectibles and curiosities emporium... It's located at the corner of Gwinnett and Habersham streets which we happened to get lost on the other day and there she was just waiting for us .. Steal Magnolias rents booths to vendors.

I love places like this because you get to see so many different personally. Each booth is a reflection of that person taste so where one booth may be more formal the next may be funky.

Don't you just love these chairs ..

and these baskets, the big enamel tray and this awesome table ...

I adore the little yellow phone table or at least that is what I would use it for ..

If you are heading into downtown Savannah you have to go check it out..
Have a wonderful week everyone !
Hugs from Savannah ya'll, Cherry


  1. Hi Cherry. Oh, I love places like this one. It is so fun to look at all of the different things there. I get all of these ideas when I am looking around LOL! Great place!

  2. Oh my what a fun place! I would have had to leave the wallet and credit cards at home in a place like that.

  3. Great store! How were the prices? Not that I'm headed to Savannah any time soon, but still. :) I like the yellow phone table too. I have several antiques in my home...sold most when we relocated to Florida, but kept my faves. I have to stear clear of these destinations, for the good of my budget! Glad you enjoyed yourself.


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